Advantages of 3M wrap vinyl

3M wrap vinyl has air release channels, a characteristic of comply adhesive. This feature may be found in films with either pressure-activated or pressure-sensitive adhesive that is permanent, changeable or removable. Comply adhesive is a versatile technology with multiple versions. The original comply adhesive has a slightly visible pattern on the film surface. A designation like “Cv2” or “Cv3” indicates a different comply pattern. In these two cases, the pattern is virtually invisible, and the Cv3 version features improved air bleed. Removing and attempting to change a film liner or reapplying the same vinyl piece damages air release channels.

TIP. When applying graphics, always work from the center out to the edges of the graphic to allow trapped air to exit through the air release channels. If the channels are closed off by firm pressure and air is trapped, use an air release tool to aid in removing air bubbles.