Vehicle Graphics Removal

The older the wrap, the more difficult it is to remove it.

The beauty of vehicle wraps is they can be removed without any damage to the vehicle. This makes it perfect for leased vehicles. Wrap removal uses heat to warm up the vinyl before peeling. Technicians often use chemicals to remove left over adhesive residue from the vehicle’s surface. This is a labour intensive task, and depending on the size of the job, vinyl removal could take several hours of hard work.

Please note: video shows removal of newer wrap. It gets more difficult as wraps get older.

Vehicle wrap removal

The specialists at can assist you with vehicle wrap removal. Sometimes, especially with fresh wraps, vehicle wrap removal can be done easily without much effort. Hot summer days can help to soften the vinyl during the removal process. Vehicle wrap removal is as simple as using your fingers to lift up the corner and slowly pull the wrap off the surface. We prefer to use 3M wrap material on our wraps,  because vinyl should not tear and will instead come off in large pieces for easy removal. No glue residue should be left behind. Unfortunately, nothing is ever perfect. The older the wrap, the more difficult it is to remove it. Often heat and chemicals need to be used, which requires special care around a vehicle. The biggest offender of all is when the the wrong material was used on the vehicle. That usually means hours of hard work. If you like an estimate for vehicle wrap removal or any vehicle graphics removal please stop by our office.

Vinyl cut lettering removal

Our specialists use a  similar process to full wrap removal when removing cut vinyl lettering. However, the wide availability of cut vinyl means many companies use the wrong material on vehicles. Removal becomes difficult when the wrong material was used and, in most cases, it means more time is needed to remove the vinyl and glue residue.


Can I do it myself?

Yes it is possible. Watch the video or stop by our shop. We can show you how to do it and provide you with tools and chemicals to tackle the task yourself. You will need a heat gun, plastic razors and some glue removal chemicals. Paper towels and cloth rags are also needed.

How long does it take?

You should plan to leave your vehicle with us for a day. We will be able to give you a better estimate when we see your vehicle. Older graphics or a larger area will extend the amount of time it takes to remove it.