Vehicle Graphics in Winter

Winter can be tough on vehicle graphics. Ice, salt and snow mean that a little extra care is required to keep your graphics looking their best.

Follow these tips and your vehicle will look as great in the spring as it did in the fall.

  • If your vehicle has any window graphics, do not scrape snow or ice off of the frozen window. Ice build up on vinyl graphics cannot be removed mechanically. Use your defroster instead to melt the ice away.
  • The second most common problem with damaged window graphics is caused by ice buildup on the rear wiper. If your vehicle is equipped with a courtesy wipe, please disengage it for the winter.
  • Wiping loose snow off your vehicle with a brush should not be a problem; just make sure you are not scraping frozen snow against the vinyl.
  • Finally, wash road salt off of your vehicle whenever you can.

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