In-house Vehicle Wrap Design

The first stage of the vehicle wrap or any vehicle graphics application is vehicle wrap design. This is an important part of the project. To create vehicle wrap design we use in scale vehicle outlines to layout the graphics. Digital layout will give you an accurate representation of the scale and look of the final product. Making any changes prior to production of the vehicle graphics saves time and money.

Vehicle wrap design is also used at the installation stage. Installer will follow the layout to make sure everything fits properly and it’s applied in the right location.

Is the design included in the price of the wrap?

It can be. And most of the time we include design in our estimate. However we can also exclude it if requested or we can treat it as a separate item. Some jobs are difficult to estimate, like partial wraps if no specific concept is presented. Having a vehicle wrap design done first can be advantages in getting competitive quotes for the wrap.